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Majesty Foods is one of the most trusted manufacturers of Jamaican Style Patties and Latin Style Empanadas in the United States. Our products are proudly served from cafes to convenience stores, from sporting venues to school cafeterias, in vending machines, and in grocery and club stores. Great for a meal or a snack, our products are among the fastest growing in retail and foodservice market segments. Learn More about our products.

Founded in 1998, Majesty Foods is now one of the largest producers of Jamaican Style Patties and Latin Style Empanadas in the country. We have taken the Jamaican Style Patties from being just an ethnic food into the mainstream market and we have been told that our new Empanadas are the best ones commercially available.

Our goal is to take great tasting, culturally unique products and introduce them across the US, Caribbean, Central and South America and around the globe.

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Jamaican Patties

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Chicken Wings

Majesty Foods - Product - Honey Chicken Wings

Meat Dishes

Majesty Foods - Product - Picadillo

Beans & Creams

Majesty Foods - Product - Black Beans


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