Building our company one bite at a time.

Majesty Foods. The Company.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. Our continuous efforts to meet and exceed governmental standards for the manufacture of meat products in the United States (supervised by the US Department of Agriculture) is our recipe for growth.

Majesty Foods (formerly known as Patty King) was founded in 1998 by a group of young entrepreneurs, each possessing a strong drive and passion for creating great ethnic products and for building a great company. Their goal: To take great tasting ethnic products and introduce them across America and the globe. Starting in one very small USDA plant in Hollywood, Florida in late 1998, the company experienced rapid growth and had to expand into a 10,000 square feet facility in Miami in early 2000.

Despite the then economic downturn, demand for our products continued to grow tremendously and in early 2009, Majesty Foods moved operations into our 37,000 square feet facility in Hialeah, Florida. This facility is one of the largest USDA plants in the country specializing in Jamaican Style Patties and Latin Style Empanadas.

Our customers include convenience stores, gas stations, schools, universities, hospitals, sporting venues, hotels, and supermarkets. Wherever there is demand for a convenient and great tasting product you may find us.

Majesty Foods - Tai's Bakery Building - circa 1997
Majesty Foods - Patty King Building 1998
Majesty Foods - Patty King Building - 2000
Majesty Foods Building USDA Facility Hialeah


Majesty Foods adheres to the highest levels of safety compliance in the food industry. Among our many certifications and compliance efforts are:

  • 20 years business experience
  • FDA Labeling Guidelines
  • UPC Codes
  • Laboratory Services
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Formulation R&D
  • Quality control program
  • In-house testing
  • Consultant lab analysis
  • Licensed & inspected by NYS Department of Agriculture and FDA
  • OSHA based plant safety



Regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture to ensure all meat product produced by Majesty Foods adheres to all Federal laws and requirements.


Majesty Foods operates under the supervision of the US Department of Agriculture and adheres to the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program standards.

FDA Logo

Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure all non meat products produced by Majesty Foods adheres to all Federal laws and requirements.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a management system in which food safety is addressed to identify and control hazards that may occur in the food production process. It is a universally recognized food safety system.