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A Unique Opportunity.

Majesty Foods Private Label offers a special opportunity for retailers to have a unique name branded product without the problems and hassle of the manufacturing process. The best part? As a retailer, you can tailor your package or label to your own specifications and, in some cases, original recipes.

Let Majesty Foods do the work for you.

Private Label
Private label deli clamshell photo
Private Label Box
Private Label Food Service Box

What if I don’t have a recipe?

Majesty Foods provides private labeling services for our clients with the ability to create customized recipes crafted and developed in-house. Through our research and developement department, we can formulate, design and plan logistics of current and new products. We source all ingredients and materials, including packaging. Our company provides a full range of services from the food manufacturing process to the complete design and printing of packages and promotional materials for our clients.

What if I have a recipe?

We take your recipe from formulation and scale upwards straight through production to packaging based on your specifications.

What are my packaging options?

We can work with you to design and develop your packaging. We have several packaging options from retail, club store to vending.

This is fantastic, who can I call to find out more information?

Great question! Call us at 1-877-981-6900, our dedicated staff will get the ball rolling.