Jamaican Patties

A taste of the Caribbean, right here at home.

What is a Jamaican Patty?

A Jamaican patty is a golden yellow pastry with a flaky crust that is similar to a turnover. It is one of the most popular snack foods in Jamaica and is found throughout the Caribbean, Jamaican patties are rapidly being discovered and enjoyed throughout the world. Often eaten as a full meal, they are easy to prepare, taste delicious and are hearty and filling. For the busy lifestyle of today’s consumer, it’s a terrific on-the-go meal, any time of the day.

Mild Beef Patty

Majesty Foods Mild Beef Patties

Spicy Beef Patty

Majesty Foods Spicy Beef Patties

Curry Chicken Patty

Majesty Foods Curry Chicken Patties

Jerk Chicken Patty

Majesty Foods Jerk Chicken Patties