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In search of something new.

Majesty Foods is currently in the production and development of several new items in the convenience food market segment. Always looking to explore new avenues of food marketing, Majesty Foods is constantly researching and revising old and new recipes to provide the tastiest offerings to clients and direct customers.

Majesty Foods Sausage


Currently in progress is our Jerk Chicken sausage, a take away from the traditional Caribbean Jerk Chicken that one would find off a country road in the islands. We have incorporated these unique blend of spices into a delicious sausage reminiscent of the spicy island flavors in dishes from an ideal Caribbean palette.

Majesty Foods dough

Empanada Dough – Discos

Ideal for making turnover pastries such as empanadas and desserts. Simply place your own homemade filling onto the dough. Then, simply fold and bake.